Piercing Blue Productions

Our founder, Melissa May, has spent the past 20 years writing and producing for some of television's biggest names and high profile series. Her work has been seen around the globe on networks including National Geographic, History, Investigation Discovery, A&E, Lifetime, Biography, ABC, ESPN, and the Weather Channel. Melissa's diverse experience has built great skills and making every client shine has built great relationships. The stories are endless and the experiences extraordinary.

We have had the privilege of working with everyone from Hollywood legends to powerful business executives to individuals persevering through the bumps in this road we all call life. Casting such a wide net has led us to a very clear focus. We want to tell stories that educate, inspire and entertain.

We see storytelling as spreading a message -- to educate, inspire or entertain. Every client -- corporate, non-profit or television -- has a story. Piercing Blue Productions has a vision. We also have the skills, experience and reputation to back it up. Need proof? Please check out our Applause page.

Life is a series of stories and every story wants to be told. Let your story meet our vision.
Melissa May.